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Welcome to Island Mana Designs, where each product is a tangible piece of fine art. Rika's unique island experiences! Immerse yourself in the magic of wearable and digital art, where every creation is a collectable item. Capturing the essence of Rika's inspiration! Our exclusive items are available here, one-of-a-kind, island-inspired treasures for the public to purchase, cherish and enjoy!

Digital Art Downloads

Three Distinct File sizes Included with every digital art purchase

Our Story

Wear our designs proudly!

Wearing our designs is like embracing a unique journey - each piece tells a story of meticulous craftsmanship and a commitment to slow fashion. As time unfolds, the colors transform, reflecting the evolving tapestry of your personal style and handcrafted essence of our creations.

Dance, Costumes, Fashion, and Lifestyle.

In this vibrant world of Island Mana Designs, where Rika, our founder, breathes life into her rich cultural experiences. From her early dance days to the present, Rika's journey unfolds through captivating choreography, intricate handmade costumes, and a deep connection to culture. Step into her realm of artistry, where every product at our online store echoes the rhythm of life dedicated to the fusion of dance, costume making, and fine arts. Welcome to a celebration of Rika's unique lifestyle at Island Mana Designs!

Digital Art by Rika!

Experience the seamless fusion of traditional and digital art with "Art by Rika." A seasoned fine artist, Rika gracefully transitions her captivating creations from canvas to the digital realm. The versatility of her work, where traditional craftsmanship meets the modern edge of digital expression. Explore and acquire unique digital art prints, all crafted through tech and traditional painting! Available for purchase exclusively here at Island Mana Designs online store!